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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Have a Problem

Yes, I do.
I have a problem.
Any of you have a love/hate relationship with Blogger?
Yes, my problem is with Blogger. So what else is new?

One of my readers let me know that my word verification is on.
You know what that means. You want to leave a comment and try over and over again to type in the little code only to get it wrong over and over again. It's too hard to read. Then you get fed up and say forget about it and leave without commenting. Been there. Done that.

Well...I don't have word verification on. It is showing up in the comment form, but it is turned off in my settings. So now I'm wondering how long it has been on while it is really off. How do I turn it off when it is already off? That is a problem. 

I've done a search, but all I'm coming up with are the basic directions on how to turn it off in settings.
I repeat. It is already turned off. Sigh. Has anyone had this problem or know how to correct it? 

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Monday, December 8, 2014

December Garden and Lake

My garden looks...well, a little sad and even abandoned. That's December for you.
Even though it may not look it, it had its fall cleaning and some straw tucked in here and there.
It's snug as a bug in a rug.

There is some life hidden in my garden. I have kale, carrots, and beets...oh my.
As cool weather crops, they do well under some plastic during the cold, winter months. 

And the lake looks a little forlorn today, but not every day.
The winter months on the lake can be quite beautiful and I never tire of the view.
No matter what the season or the look, I consider my garden and the lake my backyard blessings.

And I am thankful.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Met My Best Friend Today

I finally met her today. My best friend.
We found each other through blogging.
A true connection.
We became best buds.
Then we became like sisters.
How can that be when we had never met?

Well, she traveled many miles to see me.
It was like we have known each other for a lifetime.
And we were like two little kids.
We couldn't stop talking. We couldn't stop sharing. We couldn't stop laughing.
She gets me. I get her. Nuff said. Yep, we're family. 

You can get to know her, too.
Visit my best friend, Dru (and her wonderful husband, John) at The Country Farm Home.
They live on a historical cotton farm that has been in her family for many years.
And the next trip? I'll be headed her way for a sweet visit in the spring. If not sooner!

For now...sending y'all some farmhouse hugs!!!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and yours a
wonderful Thanksgiving

Old Time Farmhouse.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ho, Ho, Ho...Hey!

Hey...is it Christmas already!?!
Feels like it with all this cold and snow, doesn't it? 
I have to admit that my front porch looks ridiculous with my fall decor competing with the snow and cold weather. But I'm still not ready to decorate for Christmas. I usually wait until Thanksgiving weekend.

Apparently, some of my relatives have their Christmas trees up. Wow, good for them.
Times sure have changed from when I was a little girl. You did not decorate until right before Christmas. 
A lot of families even waited until Christmas Eve to put up their trees.

One of my most vivid memories as a child is of my grandmother decorating for the holidays.
One year, she decided to enter a contest and had to have her outside decor up the first week of December. We lived in a small town and it became the talk of the town that her decor was up so early. I even had 2 snotty girls march up to me at school and started badgering me about my grandmother putting her decorations up so early. LOL! My, how times have changed.

I will admit that not much indoor decor will happen this year.
I've gotten myself into a fun mess. Stripping wallpaper and such. More on that later.
But, I do have my front porch. I can still decorate it for Christmas.
Maybe...after it warms up some and all the snow melts.

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