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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cutie Pie

Someone thinks I'm a Cutie Pie!
Well she did not really say me personally, but...
she did mention my blog as the Cutie Pie.

Do you know Shabby Criss?
Go on over and check her out.
She's a Cutie Pie, too and passed this award on to me!
Thank you!

Now I'm supposed to pass this on to 10 other blogs and my problem is that I think everyone is a Cutie Pie!
I think some of you already know this so if you're wondering if I'm talking about you...yes I am!
Please grab the Cutie Pie button and put it on your blog.

And I'm sad to say that from here on out that my blog will be award and tag free.
Why? Cause I suck at this! I have tried to pass on awards before and it's just not my thang.
I'm not good at it and I feel bad if I don't include everyone.

Don't believe me? You should see what I go through for our Country Whites Weekend!
Fretting about choosing my pick for the month. It is truly agonizing.
I start with picking my top 10. Really! I need to pick one. Only one. Takes me forever.

So yes, I suck at this award thing. Sorry.
And now that I'm done admitting this...
Please go on over and visit Shabby Criss.
She truly is a Cutie Pie!



shabby.cry said...

Thank you Cindy!I feel the same way when I have to pick a few from all the beauties. Hugs, Cristina

Jori said...

You are definitely a cutie pie!

The Farmers Daughter said...

Well, you ARE a cutie pie! But, I thought it would be a photo of the grandbaby! Got really excited! I'm award free, too--for the same reasons! Of course, you know that after our Country Whites Weekends! So much time agonizing and trying to decide! Emails back and forth. But, I'm still glad you got the award!
Hugs to the Cutie Pie!

Ayu Maselli said...

Hi Cindy,compliment for your award.
Honestly I couldn't say no somebody give me an award. But hardly for me to pick up others because I felt embarrassed with my little blog ;).
thus why I never passed it to others ;)..it is true such agonizing.I understand your feeling.
have a beautiful week

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I love visiting your farmhouse. When I see that you post sister ... I do the Happy Dance.. have a blessed week ...

Pamela Gordon said...

I made my blog award and tag free too so I do understand and share your thoughts on this. It's difficult and I blog for fun. Enjoy the week!

Loretta Thomas said...

I'm also tag & award free...how do they do it...it drives me nuts! Heck, I can't make simple decisions with what to cook daily, takes me hours to do so. Awful...


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