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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do Ya Know How To Party?

Quick reminder...
Old Time Party
Friday, February 1

Some of us like to party. Tea parties and Linky parties. 
It's a great way to make new friends and stay in touch with old friends. 
I want to talk about how all us gal friends should party. 

How to Party!

*When we attend a tea party, we show our hostess some respect. We are polite and follow the rules within her home.
When we attend a Linky party, we need to take the time to read all the rules and then follow them accordingly.

*If your tea party hostess has a theme with her party, join in and enjoy her theme.
If your Linky party hostess has a specific theme, contribute to that theme. Don't link up whatever you wish.

*Some tea party hostesses have a guest book to sign when you arrive.
Most Linky party hostesses ask you to become a follower of their blog. If you're joining the party, it's considerate to follow the hostess.

*The tea party hostess warmly greets her guests and her guests are very appreciative for the invite by bringing a hostess gift.
The Linky party hostess warmly opens her blog to her guests and her guests are appreciative by linking back to her blog. This is standard procedure.

*As a tea party guest, one prepares for the party by wearing the proper attire, fixing hair and makeup.
As a Linky party guest, one prepares by writing the proper post, joining the party, and linking back. How?Just put in the name of the party or party button somewhere within your post. Highlight it, go up to the top and click 'link' and put in the post url of the hostess so that everyone who reads your blog can click on it to check out the party.

*When a tea party invite is sent to you, it has the correct address so you may attend.
When you accept a Linky party invite and join, you must include your post url address, not your blog url. What's the difference? Well, my blog url is http://www.oldtimefarmhouse.blogspot.com. If I link that up and visitors click on my link at the party, they will come to my blog, but not the post they are looking for. It is a waste of their time and they may never come back. Do you know how to find your post url? I'm no expert, but there are two ways that I know. When you are writing your post, there are Post Settings to the right. If you click on the 'Permalink' it shows your post url which you can copy and then paste at the party. The other way is just go to your blog and click on the title of your post. The post url will show up at the top of your computer in the address bar (the post url for this post is http://www.oldtimefarmhouse.blogspot.com/2013/01/do-ya-know-how-to-party.html).

*When attending a tea party, the guests have a good time mingling and chatting.
When attending a Linky party, don't be a wallflower. You should always stay, visit and mingle with some of  the other guests.

*When attending a tea party, you never want to overstay your welcome.
When attending a Linky party, you never want to overdo it. Don't jam the party with too many of your posts, repeat posts, and old posts. You will be known as a party pooper!

And speaking of parties...
 hope to see all my 'old' friends and some 'new' friends at the Old Time Party
this Friday, February 1!



Pamela Gordon said...

Great tips Cindy! Have a good day.

Patty Sumner said...

Well, I learned something new today. I have never linked up to any parties...may have to try your party out.. Thanks for the insight..blessings!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Good reminder on link party etiquette for everyone! See you Friday :)

The Farmers Daughter said...

Love It!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

Thanks so much ..SINCE I am a new blogger myself .. I need to know these things........... HUGS from Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

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