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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just a Little Heads Up

Wow...it's April 4!
And spring is still trying to arrive.
It has been chilly here, but the temps are to rise to the 60's/70's this weekend...

I just wanted to give everyone a little heads up that the Old Time Party will begin tomorrow morning.
Yes, it's the first Friday of the month already. Time sure does fly. 
I hope you have time to come join the fun. I appreciate y'all and enjoy seeing what everyone has to share.

In March, Missy at Magnolia Holler shared her yummy Amish bread.
It brought back old time memories of Amish starter sitting and brewing on top of our refrigerator.
And, of course, eating that delicious sweet bread.

I'd feel privileged if ya popped in over the weekend and took the time to share...
cooking, gardening, homesteading, crafting, sustainable living, critters, decor.
Anything that will show us a good 'old time' down on the farm.

Lookin' forward to seeing you soon. Until then, have a terrific Thursday!



Magnolia Holler said...

Hi Cindy! I hope you enjoyed your bread! It has become an expected treat at my house. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I love this !! Going to make me some today . I think that will HIT the spot. Thanks girl for always sharing such awesome(ness)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Spring is still trying to arrive here as well. Should be warm this weekend, so I'm looking forward to that! See ya tomorrow :)

Jann Olson said...

Hi Cindy, feeling very Springy here the last few days. I am in the heighth of my glory. lol! I have made that bread before. Hubby and I both really enjoyed it. I will be back to party!

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