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Friday, June 28, 2013

Featured Whites - Country Whites Weekend #7

I can't believe that June is almost over.
This whole month has passed me by.
I'm looking for a new start in July.

Well, moving on, let's get to the features from last week's Country Whites Weekend.
I and The Country Farm Home thank you for taking the time to join us.
We feel privileged to call you our country gal friends!

We are doing three features this month.
The three featured will be from the top viewed and in no particular order.

So let's get started!

Meet Rod Stewart! Ha, I want his autograph!
And check out Lisa's finished project below...I want one.

Lisa is a friend of mine and in her words:
"Doesn't this look easy to do......
It only took 25 trips to the hardware store, 3 drills, 3 cans of spray paint, 1 bag of mulch, 5 trips to Walmart, 
4 trips to the nursery, one flea market trip, 6 magic markers, and two weeks to complete it."
She always keeps it real. That's what I love about her!

Swoon! Look at how beautiful this is!
Go see how she accomplished this. Hmmm...she says she really does not know how to sew.
And look at her sink skirt below!

Such a pretty white kitchen!

What can I say? I have garden envy!

Just gorgeous!!!

Again, thanks to all who joined the party.
If you were featured, please feel free to grab our button to place on your blog.

And what's up with Blogger? It has a mind of its own today and is changing my font.
Oh, sigh!

Have a great weekend, y'all!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm Home

This June has been different and difficult.
I'm exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally.
But...I'm home now.

It all started with the passing of my mother on June 4.
Her death was quick and unexpected.
The flowers above are what I picked from her garden.
She loved her flowers, the small waterfall out back, and all the birds who came to visit.

I stayed for the week in Ohio with my father before heading back home to Kentucky. 
I had to board an airplane for PA as my oldest daughter was moving from PA to TN.
I went to help out with my 1 year old granddaughter.
I spent my time entertaining her and doing a lot of walking and pushing her stroller so she could take naps while everyone was at the house packing and loading the van.
The next morning was the 9 hour drive to TN.

My granddaughter has never been in a vehicle for that long. 
Needless to say, there was a lot of crying.
Hers and mine (smile). We did arrive safe and sound though.
My husband drove to TN on Wednesday so we could drive back to KY together on Thursday.

The next day...back to Ohio so I could be with my dad.
Whew! Did not know what day it was or what state I was in most of the time.
My dad is in bad health. Mom took care of him and now she is gone.
How can he do this thing called life on his own?
So many decisions. So little time.

Sometimes there are no answers.
You just have to trust that all will be okay.
Not to say that I'm not worried or I haven't shed a few tears.

I want to thank you all for your comments and concerns.
You cannot even imagine how it has helped my state of mind.

'Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.'
~Leo Buscaglia~

Thank you, my friends!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Country Whites Weekend #7

Good morning!
It is now going on 3 weeks since I've posted last.
I have been out of state and still dealing with the family emergency.

I miss being home.
Miss my garden.
Miss my critters.
Miss my simple life.

Being in the company of others who make life more difficult than it has to be makes me sad.
Raw emotions rise to the surface and sometimes there are just no answers.
I hope to be home next week even though problems have not been solved and issues addressed.
So much stress. Did I mention I miss being home?

Thank you for your concerns and well wishes.
I do appreciate it.

So for Country Whites Weekend...I have no post and have no photos.
I am relying on my good friend at The Country Farm Home to have a wonderful and lovely post.
She always pulls through. Please wish her well as she has been having problems with her health.

‘Country Whites Weekend’
The third weekend of every month…
Friday morning through Sunday evening.

Held jointly at
Old Time Farmhouse &
Link here or there and you will show up on both blogs.

It’s plain and simple and oh, so sweet.
Embrace your country whites and share them here!
Inspire us. Take us home. Fill us with country charm.

Features will be held the following Friday,
so be sure to come back and check out both our blogs.

♥♥♥Country Rules♥♥♥

♥Your post must be about WHITES. A pop of color is allowed.
♥Write your country whites post first and link back here to Country Whites Weekend with text or link back with the Country Whites Weekend photo within your post.
♥Be sure to link up your post url, not your blog url.
♥Become a follower of both blogs.
♥Take the time to visit at least 3 other party participants.
♥Linking to shops, giveaways, parties and blog hops is a no-no.
♥Linking up something that you have already shared here is another no-no.
♥No more than 3 links per party.
♥All photos must be your own.

Thank y’all for following the rules.
Now let the party begin!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Old Time Party

Just a quick post to inform you that the
Old Time Party
will not be held this Friday, the 7th
due to a family emergency.

I will probably be gone a week or two before I am able to return.
Thank you so much for understanding.  


Monday, June 3, 2013

Farm Fresh Feature - June 2013

A farm fresh welcome to y'all this Monday morning! 
It's Farm Fresh Feature time here at Old Time Farmhouse!

I'm so excited as we have a fun and fabulous feature this month.
I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Lisa from My Ordinary Country Life!
She's the type of gal I could sit and share a glass of tea with on the porch. 
Or maybe a glass of wine with our shoes kicked off and feet propped up overlooking the lake.
So sit back and let's get to know Lisa, shall we!?!

What would you like to share with us today?

Well first I would like to say thank you Cindy from Old Time Farmhouse for featuring me.  

When I told my husband you wanted to feature me he said "you told them we had a farm?"

Haha..(nervous laugh)

So we don't really have a "farm" but we live in the country in a small, rural town in Southwest Alabama on a few acres of land.

I married my high school sweetheart and we have two grown sons.

This was our Christmas card....:)

We also have three dogs, two cats and eight chickens.

Baby Kitty



Breesy (we call her the "teenager" because she stays in trouble)

And the oldest is Pook (name not my fault...husband named him)

These are my precious chickens...

Do you have a name for your country home?

No..I don't have a name for our place but......the chickens do.

We are the Tuckers and they are the.........Cluckers....:)

What country life style are you currently embracing?

Well I blackmailed  asked my husband and boys to build me the chicken coop last year and now we are enjoying our home grown eggs.

I loved decorating the coop and really enjoyed it at Christmas!

It was quite a task (the coop building) and I did an entire post on our chicken coop wars...lol.

Then I cried, begged, pouted asked that he build me a clothesline and he did!

I started canning two years ago and really enjoy looking at the jars on my old shelf and enjoy even more eating the fresh vegetables.

I am currently in the process of building my own raised garden beds. (One of many projects.)

 We cut our own firewood and we cut wood for some of our older friends.

We planted apple trees, fig trees, pear trees, and peach trees.

Do you have future goals?

Yes....a lot of them!

I plan to expand my raised beds and can a lot more vegetables.

I really want to pen in behind the coop and get a couple of goats.

Paint, paint, and paint.....fences, doors, and trim.

I'm hoping to remodel the inside of the house and lighten it up.

Some rooms are good but I'm hoping for a kitchen and living room remodel.

So, yes, a lot of plans.

What do you cherish most about your country life?

All of it!

We love living in a rural area.

We spend a lot of our time outdoors...

I love sitting on the front porch with a glass of sweet tea.

I love that my 3 guys get to share quality time in the woods...

I love riding the dirt roads and seeing views like this...

 and this...

I love that my chickens have a sense of humor on April Fools...

I love the view out my window of a squirrel on my chippy red swing...

My roses in bloom

Boots in the rain....

I love dirt on my hands and the sun on my back...

I love everything about My Ordinary Country Life...

and I've really enjoyed sharing it with you.

My blog is My Ordinary Country Life at http://www.smile99999.blogspot.com/

You're welcome here anytime.

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your (extra)ordinary country life with us.

And thank you to our readers for taking the time today. 
Lisa is a fun, country gal who always makes me smile.
Want to learn more? Just hop on over to her 'blog'

The next Farm Fresh Feature will be July 1.
See ya then! 


Sunday, June 2, 2013


First thing in the morning.
Right here.
Farm Fresh Feature.

It will be fun and fabulous!

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